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 marijuana's medical use for patients undergoing chemotherapy
 54. Once again the doctor's comments were not
 encouraging. He explained that_ while he knew many of his
 1 ...... patients were smoking or eating marijuanas he did not plan to
 participate in the Washington state program° He said that
 [ despite the law there was still a lot of paperwork involved in
 getting into the program. In effect, through his comments, he
 confirmed what we already knew _- it was easier for us to get
 it for Josh's marijuana illegally than it was for the doctor to
 get by presciption through the governments
 55. In realitys the federal government's refusal to
 admit that marijuana has medical value fozces parents and
 patients into the streets to meet their medical needs° I was
 outraged by this callous indifference to my son's genuine
 medical needs _- to the needs of anyone, child or adult, who
 could benefit from marijuana, in effect, the law made my
 husband and I criminals for providing our son with the medical
 relief he required if he was to live through his "life-
 pro!onging '_ chemotherapy treatments°
 56. Joshes doctor also told us that, even if he
 became involved in the Washington State Program, there was
 nothing he could do to help Josh° The Washington state program
 was limited to patients over the age of eighteen years.
 Minors_ even with parental consents could not become "research
 subjects." Children were consigned to suffers
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