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 or tea to the hospital than Josh would need. Then, if another
 parent approached us and began asking questions we could
 explain why Josh was doing so well. If they were receptive, we
 would offer to give the parent a cup of marijuana tea or a
 couple of cookies for their child_
 46. The hospital was fully aware of what we were
 doing and the staff, doctors and nurses apparently approved.
 We were never told to hide Joshes unique form of treatment and
 no objections were raised when we provid(_d other parents with
 the same teas and cookies we made for Josh.
 47. I do not know how many other parents we told
 about marijuana and chemotherapy. Quite a few. Most of these
 parents ended up getting marijuana for their children and
 _ baking cookies or brewing teas. I do know I handed out a lot
 of recipes.
 48. During the entire time Josh was under treatment,
 a period of several years_ we continued this practice and must
 have spoken with scores of other parents. Of those who began
 providing marijuana to a sick child, none ever reported back to
 us that they had encountered any adverse side effects. All of
 those who did contact us after getting marijuana for their
 child thanked us for providing them with information. In the
 vast majority of cases these parents repo_ted that, as a result
 of marijuana, their children had significantly reduced
 vomiting. In fact, most said marijuana eliminated vomiting_
 49. These parents also confirmed what we felt --
 that marijuana actually helped increase Josh_s appetite.

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