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 40. The dif£erences were so stark and obvious that
 other mothers coming to visit their sick children began to
 approach me to ask why Josh seemed to be doing so well while
 their children were suffering. What was my secret? What were
 we doing differently?
 41. Jack and I knew exactly what these other mothers
 and fathers were going through. We never hid from the facts.
 If another parent asked about Josh_ we always told them exactly
 why Josh was doing so much better: marijuanas
 42. Once informed, many of these other parents made
 sure that their son or daughter also had marijuana before his
 or her next chemotherapy treatment. We wondered why the
 doctors did not tell these parents°
 43° Jack and I were furious that the doctors had not
 told us about marijuana sooner. They had, we felt, hidden the
 facts from us. Clearly they knew marijuana helped. But they
 did not tell us until we demanded to know how we could help our
 44. And Josh had suffered needlessly as a result of
 their silence. We did not want anyone else_s child to suffer
 like Josh suffered. Whenever someone asked about Josh and his
 lack of vomitings we did not hesitate to explain that Josh was
 eating marijuana-laced cookies or drinking marijuana tea along
 with his chemotherapy treatments.
 45. We were constantly being asked about Josh
 .whenever we went to the hospital. As a resultF it became a
 standard practice for me to always bring more marijuana cookie_

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