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 baking oatmeal cookies it was time for another trip to the
 hospital. So he began to reject the cookies. At this pointF I
 decided to brew his marijuana into a tea_
 36® We were not the only ones to notice the amazing
 change in Josh's ability to endure his chemotherapy treatments.
 Of courses Josh's doctors and nurses knew what was going on.
 They seemed equally amazed by the dramatic improvement in his
 condition and in his outlook.
 27. The difference in Josh was most painfully clear
 to us whenever we went to the hospital for his chemotherapy
 treatments. There were always other children with cancer
 around on these days who were also receiving chemotherapy. The
 difference between Josh and many of these other seriously ill
 children was so stark it could not be missed.
 38. After receiving chemotherapy, the other children
 _- many on the same type of chemo Josh was receiving -- would
 be bed bound, unable to °
 move because of intense vomiting_ tied
 up to iV bottles in an attempt to rehydrate them; to replace
 the liquids they were vomiting up.
 39_ Josh_ though on the same type of therapy, would
 be doing wheelies down the hospital hallways on a tricycles
 Unlike the other children_ who continued losing weightF Josh
 became more interested in eating and his weight stabilized_
 then actually began to increase. Except for his baldness, he
 looked almost healthy. He became much more active and vital°
 He did not vomit. When it was time to eat, he ate.

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