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 reduced nausea and vomiting and were curious to know if eating
 marijuana-laced cookies could also helpo
 32o. After Josh received his chemotherapy drugs, I
 offered him a couple of cookies, which he ate. Usually, Josh
 would begin to vomit shortly after receiving his chemotherapy
 (within two hours). However, after eating the marijuana-laced
 cookies, he did not vomit°
 33. Jack and I were very skeptical that marijuana
 could work when prescribed antiemetic drugs had utterly failed
 to provide Josh with any noticable relief. But seeing is
 .... believing and we were astonished at the difference just a
 couple of marijuana-laced cookies made in Josh's response to
 chemotherapy. He did.not vomit. After months of living with
 daily retching and endless trips to the bathrooms of. Josh
 vomiting at the dinner table and suffering from intenset
 protracted dry heaves_ Josh sailed through his treatment. No
 34. The mother who told me marijuana was like a
 "miracle" was absolutely right. Marijuana made an incredible
 difference in our son_s therapy. And I got much better at
 making marijuana cookies.
 35. The marijuana cookies were extremely effective
 and did not cause Josh any serious problems. Unfortunately_
 chemotherapy is so traumatic that patients begin to notice even
 very subtle changes. Josh, for examples quickly learned to
 associate his use of marijuana-laced cookies with his con-
 tinuing chemotherapy treatments. He knew thnt when I started

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