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 she or her doctor noticed. More importantly_ she said
 marijuana actually helped control her songs post-chemotherapy
 vomiting. She said marijuana was like '_a miracle".
 28. I told Jack about this conversation and we
 immediately decided that, if marijuana could help our son, we
 were willing to do anything necessary in order to get it for
 him_ After thinking it through we decided it was too dangerous
 to just get Joshes marijuana off the streets. Eventually_ we
 contacted some people in California that we knew and trusted.
 They knew more about marijuana than we did and we asked them to
 send us the best marijuana they could find for Josh to try.
 29. Our friends responded quickly and the marijuana
 arrived in a couple of days. We felt it would be better if
 Josh, because of his ages did not have to smoke. My newfound
 friend agreed and gave me a recipe she used for baking
 marijuana into cookies for her son. She said they were very
 30. When it came time for Josh to receive his next
 chemotherapy treatments I was ready, and very skeptical. I
 made a batch of oatmeal cookies, substituting marijuana for
 some of the flour. The cookies had a strong_ marijuana-like
 smells but I hoped the oatmeal and sugar would help to disguise
 the taste and make them more edible.
 31_ I explained to the doctors and nurses exactly
 what I planned to dos None of them raised the slightest
 objection° They seemed to accept that smoking marijuana

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