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 informed us that marijuana and synthetic THC were not available
 by prescriptions but were only available for research purposes®
 24. We asked the doctor if Jonah could become a
 _research subject" so he could try marijuana or THC to see if
 they worked. We already felt much of Joshes treatment was
 "experimental" and we wanted to make certain our son had
 whatever relief was available.
 25, The doctor told us there were at least two
 inches of paperwork involved in trying to legally acquire
 marijuana. He bluntly told us he would not become involved in
 such a burdensome process, He was a doctors not a clerks and
 he simply didn't have the time or administrative staff
 necessary to supervise a complex "research program '_.
 26. He must have noticed how angry we felt because
 he then _ admitted that he knew patients who were successfully
 using marijuana to reduce their chemotherapeutically-induced
 vomiting. The doctor then referred us to another mother whose
 five-year old son was also receiving chemotherapy_ The doctor
 explained she had had great success in using marijuana with her
 son, He gave us her phone number and recommended we contact
 her directly for more information about marijuana,
 27_ .I contacted the woman and explained JoshVs
 problem with nausea and vomiting° Though I'd never met her
 before, she readily confided in met She told me she was giving
 her five-year old son marijuana to help control the
 chemotherapentically-induced emesis. She said that the
 marijuana did not cause any serious adverse effects that either

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