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 chemotherapy gave him no opportunity to recover. He was
 fighting for his life and it did not take him long to realize
 just how seriously ill he was. He began wondering if he was
 going to die.
 19. Jack and I kept waiting for, expecting some
 improvement in Josh's condition. We thought Josh would get
 used to the chemotherapy -- that the vomiting and nausea would
 subside. But he didn't get better. If anything_ Josh was
 becoming sicker. _e was vomiting almost constantly. Whenever
 he tried to come to dinner, he would throw upo He could not
 eat anything and keep it down. Every night he went to bed with
 a pan to catch his vomit°
 20. We began to accept that, despite or because of
 his treatments_ Josh was dying° The sense of helplessness was
 nearly total.
 21. We constantly asked the doctors about possible
 ways to control Josh's vomiting and nausea_ They tried many
 different anti-nausea drugs_ but they all failed to stem Josh's
 emesis or reduce his nausea°
 22. Just before Christmas, 1980, I received an
 article from my stepmother° The article explained that
 marijuana could help _educe chemotherapeutically-induced
 emesis. The article went on to note that the government had
 developed a synthetic delta-g THC pillo A _pot pill."
 23_ We did not know what to make of the article.
 But we were desperate and asked Josh's doctor if he would
 prescribe the ne_! _ma_ijuana pill _ to Josh_ The doctor

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