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 9. They also discovered that the cancer had spread
 throughout Joshes belly. During the exploratory operation the
 surgeons removed Josh's right kidneya several lymph nodes and
 a 2.8 pound tumor. Then they closed Josh ups
 i0. During the operation the surgeons informed Jack
 and me that, even though they had removed one very large tumors
 Josh_s abdomen was still packed with cancer which could not be
 surgically removed° They recommended chemotherapy and
 radiation treatments_ We agreed.
 ll. Josh received his first round of chemotherapy
 ...... while he was still on the operating table.
 12. Following the operation, the doctors assured
 Jack and me that they could !'cure _ Josh's cancer; that they had
 the drugs and techniques necessary to tak8 care of the problem.
 It quickly became obvious, however_ that they did not know as
 much as they pretended to know. Cancers even to an Oncologist,
 remains a mysterious diseases
 13. Joshes initial chemotherapy drugs were
 Vincristin, Adreamycin and Actinomycin_D. These drugs were
 administered in cycles and they had a devastating impact on
 Josh. Once Josh started receiving these drugs we quickly came
 to understand there were limits to what medicine could do for
 Josh. We also learned that doctors do not have an answer for
 14. When Josh began his treatments_ he was a
 tirelessly energetic_ seemingly healthy three-year old who
 weighed about forty-five pounds. After undergoing surgery and

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