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 4. The next day, Monday, we went to the doctor°s
 office and a nurse examined Josh. Then a physician's
 assistant came in and said they would like to do some X-rays of
 Joshes stomach. Our quick visit to the doctor's office turned
 into a five-hour ordeal of increasingly ,_orrisome tests.
 5. At firsts the doctor said he thought Josh might
 have some form of mononucleosis. After taking X-rays and doing
 ....... an Ultrasound scan of Josh's stomach he told me Josh might have
 cancer. Josh was a healthy child and hearing that he might
 have cancer was the last thing I expected° The doctor recom=
 mended we immediately seek help from a specialist. His concern
 was obvious as he arranged for us to take Josh to a hospital in
 Spokane, Washington, the nearest large C_oty.
 6. We d_ove homes packed quickly_ picked up my
 husband after he got home from work and drove to Spokane that
 same evening.
 7. Josh was admitted into the hospital. On Monday
 he underwent numerous tests including a CAT scan and additional
 X-rays. By Tuesdays even as additional tests were being com-
 pleted, the physicians informed Jack and me that Josh either
 had liver cancer, Wilms tumor or a tumor of the adrenal glands.
 They recommended an immediate exploratory surgery to discover
 the exact location and extent of the cancer.
 8. On Wednesday, Josh underwent his first of many
 surgical procedures_ During the exploratory the surgeons dis-
 covered Josh had Wilms tumor.

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