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 Complications related toglaucoma surgery may themselves pro_
 duce blindness_ Surgery is generally considered a last _esort
 and is undertaken only when all medications have been proven
 ineffective when taken in maximum tolerable amounts_
 14o The use of marijuanas in combination with con-
 ventional drugs (which are Ineffective when employed alone),
 provides Robert Randall with important therapuetic relief an4
 the use of marijuana has prevente_ the continued deterioration
 Of his vision. Rober_ Randall_s condition, while fragile, is
 now stable° Considering his past medical history and the 4ells
 ca_e state of his present ocular healths however_ a disruption
 in his present medical management coul_ generate severe and
 irreversible damage to his sights The unavailability of the
 4rug for as short a pe_Łod as three w_ks could cause permanent
 damage to his sight°
 15o As long as adequate ZOP control, optic disc and
 visual field stability are retained and no untoward side effects
 develop, a continuation of Robert Randall_s present medical
 routine, which includes marijuanas is. warranted.
 16. Z left Washington_ DoC. on January 20, 1978 to
 take a position at the University of North Carolina School of
 Medicine. Therefore_ on that dates I concluded both my Wash-
 ington based research and my physician-patient relationship
 with Robots Randall. As a result of the termination of this
 prosram, Robert Randall no longer has access to a legal supply
 O_ marijuana.
 18. In my opinion marijuana is both a safe and an
 efftctive means o_ treating Robert Randall's glaucomas and is
 the only trea_ent (other than surgery, which_ because of
 attendant risks, should not be considered so long as marijuana
 is effective) capable of maintaining his rema±ning sight.

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