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 b. Direct examination of the optic disc of
 both eyes revealed n2q progression of nerve _ead _amageo
 co Visual field examinations conducted in
 October 1976_ April 1977 and Decemb_z 1977 are indistinct and
 reveal that n_ progression in siqht _Loss has occurred during
 ...... _ the 14 _nths marijuana was used in c_omblnationwlth conventional
 9. The results o_ my _tudXes on other°glaucoma
 -patients conf_ that mari_uana i_ an effective and safe medi _
 cation that reduces _OP to within safe levels_
 I0. Robert Randall_s need _or marijuana has remained
 re!at_vely stable throughout the year although seasonal fluc-
 tuations in dosages may occur.
 ii. Robert Randall require_ between 8 and l0 marijuana
 cigarettes at .9 grams per cigarett_ with at least 2% delta-9
 T_C presents per days employed in combination with two conven-
 tionaldrugs, Glaucon 2% and Phospholin 9 _odide .06%_ both
 employed twice 4aily_
 12_ Durin_ the fourteen months of tests Robert Randall
 made weakly visits to my office for checkups. During this time,
 ! oDserved no untoward physihal or psychic effects of the druqo
 During this time Z never witnessed him in a state of intoxication.
 The "high" associate4 wish marijuana smoking does not appear
 to effect Mr, Randall in any siqn£_icant way. He tolerates _he
 drug well, displays no symptoms o_ adverse si_Q effects, and is
 able to _un_tion in a normal mann_= while employing the substanc_o
 13. Although surgery i_ an alternative method of
 controlling _OP_ X advise against it in Robert Randall's cases
 and believe _hat medicated control of _OP is to be preferred
 _nerally_ Surgical techniques for t:he control of _O_ are
 imprecise and would expose Robert Ran_all to significant _isks.

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