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 views the person in question as a research subject or as a
 patient cane especially in this instances be determinative of
 sight retention. _n research_ _control" of the subjects may
 be a premium considerations such control may result in hospitals
 ization for an extended period of time and the elimination of_
 ....... Or severe limitation on, take home supply of the drug. None
 Of these "control" relate4 considerations _s necessary from a
 treatment perspective; in addition to being burdensome_ in an
 unfunded program, the research subject must pay for hospitaliza-
 tion an4 doctor visits necessary only to further research, not
 patient treatment. Mo=eover_ research with marijuana is tightly
 controlled by the federal government. The federal agencies in-
 volved in the control of such research can assert themselves
 into the doctor-patient relationship to a medically unwise ex-
 tent░ In Robert Randali_s situation the agencies on several
 occasions attempted to eliminate or substantially limit his
 take home supply of the drUgo _n addition the agencies condi-
 tioned his continued supply upon his signing of a consent form
 which required his consent to treatment with a placebo without
 his knowledge..
 8. Xn November of !97S_ _ placed Robert Randall on
 a routúne of conventional medications and marijuana in smoked
 form. Marijuana in smoked form employed in combination with
 conventional medications proved itse.lf an effective therapeutic
 agent in this ins_anc_o For fourteen months Robert Randall
 remained on this rou_ine_ Under the three primary criteria
 of glaucoma assessment this method o:_ therapy showed itself
 valid and effective:
 a. The patient's elevated _OP is responsive
 to me:ijuana and has been held within a safe range by the
 routine _6scribed above░

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