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 arrest. If an arrest was mades a prosec_tor would have second,
 even third thoughts about bringing the case to trial_
 90. i know of few police officers or prosecutors who
 want to make their reputations by running down seriously ill
 patients:whose only crime is that they are trying to maintain
 their sight. My hope is that the letter ! provide these
 patients will help the police and/or prosecutor quickly
 i understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly.
 9!. In 1985, I concluded my studies. Dsring the
 course of my studies into marijuana's use in the treatment of
 glaucomas I authored and coauthored fourteen articles and three
 abstracts on this subject. These articles are provided in an
 appendix to this Affidavit as Exhibit 2.
 + 92. To briefly summarize my flndlngs_
 AŽ Marijuana proved to be a highly effective
 IOP-!owering drug.
 ! ........ B. For patients with "End Stage n glaucoma,
 marijuana provides an additional way of
 lowering XOP. The resulting reduction in
 XOP may help to prolong a patient's sight.
 C. Marijuana is _safe _ for use under medical
 I 93. These concluslons are based on the resu!ts of my
 study of a heterogeneous population of glaucoma patients that
 ranged in age from eighteen to flfty-five_ Younger patients,
 because they appear to have fewer fears about marijuana, tend

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