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 effects. These adverse effects include kidney stones_ ulcers,
 drug fevers, depression, hallucination_ anxiety, mania, skin
 rashes, headaches, cataracts_ bone marrow depletions reduced
 immuno system responses and a host of other serious problems°
 77. The XOP_reducing drugs currently approved for use _
 glaucoma therapy as _safe _ can cause death, in rare Instances_
 due to respiratory and/oz cardiac failures.
 78® The most significant side effect we noticed in our
 studies was a sudden drop in blood pressure. No emergency
 countermeasures were required, no drug antidotes were used.
 All of the patients recovered within a matter of ten to fifteen
 minutes. There was no long-term injury_ mental or physical.
 79. C!early_ marijuana is *safe _ for use under medical
 P 80. Marljuana's inappropriate classification as a
 Schedule I drug prohibits physicians from supervising a
 p ...... patient's use of marijuana. Xt is an invitation to chaos.
 81. One of the great frustrations ! confronted in
 conducting my studies, both at Howard University and at the
 University of North Carolina, was my inability to provide
 patients with licit, medically_supervised access to marijuana
 because of the drug's misclasslfication and the limitations of
 my IND.
 I 82° While at the University of North Carolinas I often
 evaluated a patient for whom it was obvious that marijuana was
 of benefit. Since most of the patients I saw in this study had
 mend Stage _ glaucoma, my inability to respond to the data was
 .........! ...........

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