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 olden ones.. By IgTg about 25% to 30% of the p_tie_Yts seen by one San Francisco
 oncologist were using marijuana to control emesis, about 45 to 50 patients per
 year° Such percentages and numbers vary from c!ty to city. A doctor in Kansas
 City who sees about 150 to 2DD new cancer patients per year found that over the
 _:) 15 years 197) to 1987 about 5% of the patients he sa_, or a total of abo_t 75,
 used marijuana medi c'i hal ly.
 18.. By 1987 _a_ijuana no longer generate:: the intense _nterest in the
 ;;:; world of oncology that it had previously, but it remalns a viable tool, co.only
 e_ployed, in the medical treatment of ch_other_py patientSo There has evolved
 an unwrittefl but accepted standard of treatment within the community of oncolo-
 gists in the San Francisco, California area which readily accepts the use of
 marl j uana.
 Ig. As lof the Spring of 1987 in the San Francisco area, patients
 :.:._ receiving chemotherapy c_only smoked marljuan_ in hospitals du_ing their treat=
 merits. This in-hospltal use, which takes place IB rooms behind closed doors,
 does not bother _taff, is e×pected by physicians and welcomed by nurses who.
 ,.: instead of having to run back and forth with contai_ers of vomit, can treat
 pat!ents whose emesis is better controlled than it would be without marijuana.
 Medical institutions in the Bay area where use of _icijuana obtained on the
 streets is quite co.on, although discrete, Incl_etbe University o_Callforni_
 at San Francls_-I,_,_pital. the _ Z'f_ Hospit:al and the-Fr_J_cl__ Hospital. {_
 effect, marijuana is readily accepted throughout the oncologic co_nity in the
 Bay area for its beneflts in connection with chemotherapy. The same situation
 exists in other large metropolitan areas of the Unlted States.
 ZO. About 50% of the patients seen by one San Francisco oncologist

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