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 receiving marijuana as an adjunct to their chemotherapy
 71. Efforts to track down the reason for this response
 have proved inconclusive° Initially, we felt that these
 patients, two of whom were naive smokers, might not be properly
 kitrating themselve_o Marijuana, because it is _nhaled, allows
 patients to exercise considerable control over the delivery of
 a dose. Rowever, naive smokers, lacking prior experiences
 might be inhaling too much synthetic Delta=9 THC and/or other
 chemicals° This mini_overdose possibly triggered the collapse
 in blood pressure°
 72. Serum Deltas9 THC levels failed to correlate with
 orthostatic hypotension in the three subjects 9ncountered.
 ....... 73° This orthostatic hypotensive response may be more
 likely in patients with essential hypertension and glaucoma.
 In all subjects, this response is abated within ten to fifteen
 minutes by assuming a reclining position°
 74. Determining what drugs are appropriate within the
 context of medical therapy is a constant balancing of benefits
 and risks. All of the drugs employed in glaucoma control
 therapies have serious adverse effects.
 75. In a recent review of Timolol's use over the past
 eight years in glaucoma therapy_ a recent journal article noted
 i that thirty-two deaths have been attributed to Timolol's use in
 glaucoma therapy_ reported up to 1986_
 76° Similarly, all of the other drugs employed for IOP
 reduction can have serlous_ even llfe-threatening adverse

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