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 65. Marijuana, by adding to the lOP reductions available
 to patients through the use of conventional medications, may
 bring IOP under control and allow the patient to retain his
 _ 66 As a result of my evaluations, and studies into
 , marijuana_s IOP reducing effects, conducted over the last
 decade, it is clear to me that marijuana can be of significant
 benefit to glaucoma patients with SEnd Stage _ glaucoma_
 67. Marijuana can dramatically' reduce lOP, even in
 patients who are tolerant to most forms of lOP reducing agents.
 ....... 68. When patients receiving marijuana on an out-patient
 basis were evaluated, it became clear that these patients
 required less potent and/or fewer conventional drugs to help
 control their glaucoma.
 69. Marijuana is not without side effects. While
 performing my studies at the University of North Carolina, i
 ........ encountered several instances where marijuana inhalation
 resulted in a sudden_ dramatic reduction in blood pressure.
 This problem, seen in approximately three patients, was never
 life-threatening_ but it was very disconcerting. Treatment of
 this side effect consisted of having the patient lie down for a
 few minutes until blood pressure recovered.
 70 This effect -- orthostatlc _hypotension) closely
 resembles the typical fainting syndrome -- patients coming
 close to fainting after smoking marijuana. For example, there
 Is little evidenc# of such an effect among cancer patients
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