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 60_ 90, 120e 150, 240 and 300 minutes following the use of
 52_ On the third days this sequence of testing would be
 repeated wlth slight modifications, depending on the results of
 the previous day's data°
 53. In addition to these in-hospital evaluations, !
 provided marijuana to between four and six patients on a longer
 terms out-patlent basis. These patlents_ who demonstrated a
 significant reduction in XOP after smoking marijuana, were
 often able to reduce their use of conventional glaucoma control
 drugs while smoking marijuana.
 54_ Realizing that many glaucoma control drugs have
 serious adverse effects, marijuana can assist in reducing the
 risk of such side effects. One glaucoma control drug, Diamox,
 a diuretic, can cause patients to feel fatigued and
 depressed. Diamox can also destroy a patient's kidneys. _n
 , .... some instances_ the use of marijuana can allow the physician to
 reduce or eliminate Diamox for a patient's therapy. _f the
 patient has a serious kidney problem, maxijuana's lOP-lowering
 properties may help control the patlent'_ condition. If
 marijuana were not available and the use of Diamox was pre-
 cluded_ the patient's only other alternative might be surgical
 I 55. No one that X know of seriously speaks of using
 marijuana as the initial drug of choice in glaucoma therapy°
 Rowever_ marijuan 9 ha_ an important place in the treatment of
 patients in _End Stage _ glaucoma.

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