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 29_ Unable to obtain legal access to marijuana, this
 young man -- if he was smart -_ bought some marijuana off the
 street as soon as he got home. The choice between breaking the
 law or retaining your. sight is difficult, but it certainly
 would be understandable if he opted to preserve his vision.
 30_ This situation was not unique. I saw a fairly laz@e
 number of patients at Howard who_ based on my observatlons_
 might have gained slsnificant benefit from medically-supervised
 access to marijuana_
 31o All I could do was tell them the results of my
 evaluations. While the law could prevent me from treating
 these patientss it could not prevent me from informing them.
 32. During these conversatlons_ I did Not 5int around.
 Most of _
 the people ! saw knew they were losing their sight.
 Many had undergone years of unsuccessful treatments and
 numerous surgical procedures. Ire based on my evaluations,
 marijuana demonstrated a value in significantly lowering a
 patient's IOP_ I made darn sure the patient knew this and
 understood the implications°
 33. While _ could not provide these patients with legal
 access to marijuanas I felt _ owed them the best possible
 information and guidance possibles I never told a patient to
 break the law.
 34. I left _oward University in January_ 1978_ to assume
 a position (described above) at the University of North

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