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 ruled marijuana was a drug of "medical necessity" in the con-
 trol of Mro Randall's glaucoma°
 17. I have provided highly detailed testimony on
 Mro Randall_s treatment with marijuana in an earlier affidavit
 which ! prepared in the spring of 1978_ I will now summarize
 my findings.
 18. Marijuana proved highly effective in lowering
 Mr. Randall's dangerously elevated intraocular pressures into a
 "safe" range (below 20 mm _g.)
 19. This reduction in IOP prevented further_ progressive
 injury to Mr° Randall's optic disc. Marijuana proved to be
 "safe n for use within a well controlled medical setting.
 20, Marijuana afforded Mr. Randall with a critically
 needed reduction in lOP which prevented him f_om losing more
 sight. The fact Mr. Randall achieved this reduction, short of
 surgery_ has helped prolong his sight.
 ..... 21. A more detailed descrfption of Mr. Randall's
 particular case history and routine of treatment is included in
 my previous affidavit that I incorporate herein by reference.
 See Exhibit 1.
 22° While at Howard Unlve=sity_ I also began conducting
 evaluations of other patients. These evaluations included a
 basic ocular examination and IOP check. Patients with glaucoma
 were given marijuana and their IOP response to the drug was
 23. Patients came from around the country in an effort to
 gain access to licit supplies of marijuana. However,
 [ ....

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