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 particularly when not provided with detailed medical infor-
 mation on marijuana_s user find the drug less effective.
 14. At the current timer our hospital is able to provide
 oral THC pills to patients. These pills have some medical
 utility in reducing nausea and vomiting but are exorbitantly
 expensive relative to the actual price of producing the pro-
 ! duct. Moreovere it is clear that marijuana has one distinct
 advantage over THC in that marijuana can be inhaled and works
 quickly_ whereas THC is an oral medication and must be
 ingested, in vomiting patients, there are obvious problems
 with the use of an oral medication. Marijuana avoids these
 15. It is my professional judgments based on my review of
 ....... the literatureF on my conversations with other physicians, and
 1 on my experience and practices that marijuana has clear and
 distinct medical value in the treatment c f the nausea and
 ...... vomiting associated with certain types of chemotherapy

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