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 9. I was appointed to a position on the Louisiana
 Marijuana Prescription Review Board for my expertise in the
 area of oncology_
 I0. On several occasions_ the board met with federal
 officials who were more than willing to tell us how to develop
 a TEC-based program, but were unwilling to discuss how we might
 obtain marijuana for patient use. I found this somewhat dis-
 concerting as ! was convinced by my reading of the literature
 that marijuana had medical value and should be more aggres=
 sively researched_ I also felt the drug should be made avail-
 able on a prescription basis to patients undergoing chemotherapy
 for whom it might be of some value.
 !I. We were aware that marijuanas was being produced by
 the federal government and that this marijuana could be rolled
 into standardlzed_ dose-qualified cigarettes. At the time, I
 felt that the federal government should license a number of
 producers of marijuana to make the product available but this
 was not done.
 12o Unfortunately, we were unable to create a viable
 ....... program for the treatment of cancer patients with marijuana.
 In fact, the Louisiana Marijuana Prescription Review Board was
 unable to issue even a single prescription to a patient to
 allow a patient to legally receive marijuana or T_C.
 13. It is my impression, based on my medical experience
 and a reading of the literatures that young patients have
 better control over nausea and vomiting after using
 marijuana. It is also my impression that older patients,
 -3- C

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