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 4. At present, I am a full-time academic on the
 teaching faculty of the Louisiana University School of Medicine
 in New Orleans, where I am a Full Professor.
 5. Xn my role as a teaching professors I treat
 patients at a variety of hospitals in the greater New Orleans
 area. These patients have a variety of forms of cancer and may
 receive chemotherapeutic treatments_
 6o One of the biggest problems experienced by
 cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy is severe nausea and
 vomiting caused by their reaction to the toxic chemicals. This
 nausea and vomiting can at times become life-threatening in
 several ways. First, the therapy_ itself, creates a tremendous
 strain on the body. Seconds some Patients cannot tolerate the
 severe nausea and vomiting and decide to discontinue treatment.
 7_ In the mid-1970_s, I became increasingly aware
 that marijuana had potential medical value in alleviating this
 nausea and vomiting. This awareness grew out of a familiarity
 with research materials and articles which appeared in the
 medical literature. In additions there was considerable
 doctor-to-doctor communication and familiarity with patients
 who appeared to be using marijuana with considerable success to
 treat this nausea and vomiting. 
 8. In 1978, Louisiana became one of the first
 states in the nation to legislatively recognize marijuana_s
 medical value. This legislation sought to make marijuana
 available by presqription to seriously ill patients with cancer
 and glaucoma.

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