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 This allows rhea to retain strength and _kes them better able to fight the.
 cancer. Pyschologically, patients who can continue to eat even while receiving
 chemotherapy maintain a balanced outlook and are better able to cope with their
 disease and its treatment, doctors have found.
 12. Synthetlc anti-emetic agents have been In exlstence and utilized
 for a number of years_ Since about 1980 some new synthetic agents have been
 developed which appear to be _re effect.lye In controlling and reducing chemo-
 ..<7 therapy-induced nausea and vomiting than were some of those available In the
 Ig70's. But marijuana still Is found more effecti,_e for this purpose in sou
 people than any of the synthetic agents, even the a_wer ones,
 "" 13_ By the late 1970"s in the Washington,, DeC. area there was a growing
 recognition among health care professionals and the public that marijuana had
 therapeutic value in reducing the adverse effects of some chemotherapy, treatments,
 _: With thls Increasi_g public awareness caw _ncreaslng pressure from patients on
 doctors for Info_ation about marljuana and _ts therapeutic uses_ Many patients
 moved Into for_ of unsupervised self-treatment. WIhlle such self-treatment
 _ often proved very effective, It has cerCaln hazards:, ranging from arrest for
 purchase or use of an illegal dPJg to possibly serious medical compllcations
 from contaminated sources or adulterated materials. Yet, some patients are
 : '
 willlng to_n-these risks _o obtain relief fro_ the debllltating nausea and
 v_Itin@ cause,t'.b_ _:1_.ir chemotherapy tPea_.. _ ..... ,
  T_., Every oncologfst knownto one _ashington, O.C. practicing inters
 C. elst and board-caVilled oncologist has had patients who used marijuanawith
 great success to prevent or diminish ch_therapy-iaduced nausea and vomiting.
 Chemotherapy patients reporCcing directly to that Washington doctor that they

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