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 74. Patients receiving chemotherapy commonly employ
 marijuana in hospitals during their treatment. This
 in-hospltal use, which takes place in rooms behind closed
 doors, does not bother staff, is expected by physicians, ind
 welcomed by nurses whoa instead of having to run back and forth
 with buckets of vomit, are allowed to treat patients who are
 more well controlled than they would be without marijuana°
 75. I am aware of a number of medical institutions in the.
 San Francisco Bay area where merijuana_s use is quite common,
 albeit discrete. These include the University of California at
 San Francisco Hospital, the Mount Zion Hospital and the
 Franklin Hospital in San Francisco.
 76. It strikes me a_ unreasonable to believe that these
 occurrences at the hospitals where _ practice Ontology are
 somehow different from the practice of Oscology at any major
 urban hospitalo _n effect, marijuana is readily accepted
 throughout the Oncologic community for its benefits.
 77. The fact that marijuana is illegal is viewed as a
 reflection of inept social political policy, rather than a true
 impediment to patient use.
 7@° If marijuana were legally available to patients
 through prescriptions _ would not hesitate to prescribe it to
 my patients for their therapeutic use° There is no doubt in my
 mind, there is no doubt in the literature, and there certainly
 is no doubt on the part of my patients that marijuana is a
 highly effective anti-emetic drug.

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