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 which is commonly employed in the treatment of patients
 receiving chemotherapy.
 70. To be honest_ _ do not even think of marijuana as
 being illegal. Xt has simply become a standard routine,
 accepted as part of the practice of Ontology. In the initial
 consultation with a patient about to receive chemotherapy,
 mention certain basic, rudimentary facts_ For example, the
 patient should be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent
 dehydration. Also, if it is likely the patient will experience
 severe nausea and vomiting, I note there is voluminous medical
 ..... research which shows marijuana is effective in easing nausea
 and vomiting. I strongly indicate to the patient that if they
 feel that they are going to encounter such a side effect, they
 ...... < might plan to have some marijuana with them during their
 71. _ do, of courses indicate that ! cannot prescribe
 marijuana legally, or supply marijuana to the patient° Howe
 ever, in my experience, patients have no difficulty in
 obtaining marijuana from the illegal market.
 72. While _ am concerned about the quality of the
 marijuana my patients recelve_ _ also know they are more likely
 to get relief from the marijuana they buy on the street than
 from THC, which I could now legally prescribe to them.
 73. Similarly, there has evolved an unwritten, but
 accepted standard of treatment within the Oncologic community
 which readily accepts marijuana's use°
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