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 doing so in a way that was much more co_nducive to their general
 well being.
 59. To smoke marijuana, under the conditions established
 in the California state programw essentially placed the patient
 in a hostile environment. I did not feel there were many
 patients who would welcome such an opportunity -- particularly
 when an alternative source of supply_ the streets, was readily
 60. As a physician, I was also stunned by the endless
 amounts of paperwork involved in these |programs. The paperwork
 in essence made the programs unworkable with daily, weekly and
 other reports being filed for every patient who ever received
 any of the agents_
 61. Still_ in the spirit of the law -- which had been
 gutted -_ I joined the program in order to provide T_C to
 several patients.
 62. All of the patients to whom I prescribed THC had
 previously smoked marijuana and were familiar with its
 effects. _ anticipated no serious problems° I was wrong.
 63. Every@ patient to whom ! prescribed THC
 rejected the drug outright after the first or second dose.
 These patients simply could not stand the intense psychoactive
 effects produced by this synthetic product. Several said the
 THC drug was intensely anxiety provoking. Others said tSey
 were heavily sedated by synthetic T_C_ A couple reported the
 equivalent of _bad trips" on T_C.

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