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 Ca!ifornia_s approach to marijuana's medical use, our legisla_
 ture had made a rational decision, indeed the only decision
 which the facts and the very real needs of patients would
 47 Unfortunately, once this compassionately conceived
 state law was placed in the hands of bureaucrats, both state
 and federal, significant changes were mac_e.
 48. I remember attending a meeting at the State Office
 Building in San Francisco which included a series of iectures
 and other discussions by bureaucrats regarding how the state
 would operate its program.
 49. lwas shocked when I learned marijuana would only be
 provided to patients receiving three types of seldomly used
 chemotherapeutic agents_ I had only used one of these drugs in
 the course of my decade_long practice. The other two drugs
 were so rarely used that the marijuana portion of the
 California program was essentially a deadend_
 50. All other chemotheraphy patients in the California
 state program were forced to take synthetic THC instead of
 51. As a physiclan_ I was _hocked by this lack of treat _,_
 ment flexibility and deeply concerned that the state was, in
 effects telling me how to practice medicine.
 52. _ also did not understand why synthetic THC had bee_
 selected as, for all Intent and purposes_ the Uthe drug of
 choice _ for the Callfornia state program.
 i ....

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