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 36. It iS impossible for me to say John would have lived
 had he used marijuana to control his emeSiSo What is clear to
 me is that John could have tolerated his treatments far better
 had he smoked marijuana. Controlling the emesis associated
 with his chemotherapy would have permitted a continuation of
 his treatment and this continuation of treatment could have
 prolonged his life. Even in the event John eventually did
 succomb to his cancer, he would have enjoyed a much improved
 quality of llfe had he used marijuana°
 37. in addition to marijuana's commonly recognized value
 ...... as an anti-emetic agent of unparalled utility, the drug is an
 excellent appetite stimulant. This often overlooked, but I
 feel clinically significant, benefit of marijuana is socially
 known as _the munchies w.
 38. _The munchies_ which translates into English as a
 desire to eats can be of critical importance to patients whose
 normal response to chemotherapy is protracted nausea, vomiting
 and weight loss.
 39. The ability to eats to eat: a lot_ and to stabilize o_;
 gain weight during a course of chemotherapy treatment may be of
 invaluable assistance on several levels.
 40. First, the patient retains his basic strength,
 strength he needs to fight his cancer.
 41. Second, by being able to eat and by being able to
 interact with other people who are eating_ the patient's
 quality of life is enhanced_ Put simply, the ability to eat

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