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 nausea, ! began reducing his therapy in the hope John would be
 more able to tolerate the drugs_ This did not work.
 29. Eventually_ and in despai_ _, John discontinued
 his treatments _- treatments which had been proving successful
 but which he could not tolerates
 30. John died°
 31. Patrick was diagnosed as having a cancer of the
 hip. After Patrick's leg was amputed_ he began receiving
 chemotherapy. The chemotherapy he received caused intense
 nausea and vomiting. He began losing weight and was obviously
 " ....
 having difficulty w.ith his treatments.
 52o Patrick then learned marijuana could help reduce
 his nausea and vomiting_ He immediately obtained some
 marijuana and began using it in conjunction with his treatment.
 33° After smoking marijuanas the nausea and vomiting
 Patrick experienced subsided. Patrick was able to continue
 ..... receiving his chemotheraphy treatment_ and eventually went into
 34o In the ten years since Patrick's last treatment,
 he has become a Housing Com_issioner for the City of Los
 Angeles_ run a major reelection campaign for a Senatorial
 candidate to the United States Congress and become head of the
 Multiple Sclerosis Society in his community.
 35. Patrick has been alive for ten years_ a decade
 that he would not have had had he discontinued his treatment°
 In many ways marfjuana made these additlol_al ten years of life

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