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 chemotherapy, it may be instructive to look at what I consider
 to be two fairly representative cases which I personally
 treated. They concerned two individuals =- one named John who
 did not use marljuana, and the other named Patrick who didŽ
 24. John's diagnosls_ testic_lar tumor. After the
 tumor was surgically removed, John began receiving weekly
 chemotheraphy treatments which were proving to be effective.
 However, the nausea and the vomiting which John experienced
 were severe at the outset and became more and more serious with
 each treatment.
 ....... ' 25. John came to dread his chemothreaphy treatments
 and he began to have a Pavlovian response to them° For
 example, John began throwing up on his way into my office for
 ....... therapy.. Then, as the therapy treatments continued, he would
 ! become violently ill before reaching my office to receive
 26. I realized how serious John's anticipatory
 vomiting was one Christmas when John's wife told him I was
 coming over for a visit. John began to vomit° In effects he
 was so traumatized by his therapy_ by the violent reaction his
 body had to the chemicals which Were being used, that anything
 associated with those chemicals would induce vomiting.
 27_ It got to the point where John would flee my
 office -- physically run away -_ rather than receive treatment.
 28_ In addition to the intense vomiting, John became
 terribly thin andoCOUld not eat because of protracted, intense

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