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 importance to their future well being than obedience to an
 overbearing and inappropriate law.
 !8. It may be difficult for a layman to fully under _
 stands much less comprehend, the severity of the nausea and
 vomiting caused by many of the chemotherapeutic agents used to
 fight cancer. Chemotherapeutically_induced emesis cane in many
 cases, be described as devastating to a patients
 19o The vomiting induced by chemotherapeutic drugs
 may last up to four days following treatment° The vomiting,
 itself, is intense_ protracted and, in some instances, unendur-
 able. °
 20. The nausea which follows the vomiting is also
 deep and prolonged° _usea may prevent a patient from taking
 food or even much water for periods of weeks at a time.
 214 Obviously_ nausea and vomiting of this severity
 degrades the quality of life available to these patients. Not
 only do these symptoms weaken the patient and make him less
 able to fight his cancer, but they also destroy the patient's
 will to fight his cancer. Ending treatment to escape emesis
 can supersede the will to live.
 22_ It has been estimated that thirty to forty
 percent of patients who experienced nausea and vomiting of this
 severity will decide to end their treatment. _n this way,
 chemotherapeutically-induced emesis can be considered a life-
 threatening consequence of many cancer treatments.
 23. !nan effort to illustrate the profound dif-
 ference marijuana can make in the course of a patient's

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