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 San Francisco. The purpose of this grant was to run multiple
 drug chemotherapeutic programs and to design and supervise the
 administration of experimental chemotherapeutic agents to
 patients. During this time, I was also an Instructor in
 Clinical Ontology at the University of California, San
 4o I am licensed to practice medicine in San
 California and am Board certified in Medical Oncology and
 Radiology. Since 1972_ I have had a full-time practice "in
 Oncology in the San Francisco Bay area° During this timer I
 was also an Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology and
 Radiology at the University of California_ San Francisco.
 5_ The combination of a full._time medical practice
 in Oncology and my posltion°as an Associate Professor at a
 major teaching unlversity_ brought me in contact with a large
 number of cancer patients who were under_oing intensive
 chemotherapy regimens.
 6_ I first became aware of marijuana's medical
 value from my patients. Patients began reporting that if they
 smoked marijuana before or immediately after receiving chemo-
 theraphy it helped to substantially reduce or completely
 control the intense nausea and vomiting generally associated
 with these forms of treatments
 7. At firsts these _folk stol:ies _, while interest_
 ing_ were not overly persuasive° _oweve_:_ as more and more
 patients began to. report that marijuana was of significant
 benefitt it became increasingly obvious, both from the

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