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 hospital, she was suffering from an acute _panic reaction _.
 While the patient found her experience terrifying, she suffered
 no long-term mental or physical damage as a result of this
 adverse reaction. The most effective antidote proved to be
 about four hours of simp!eg person_to_person communication.
 48. This one episode stands out in my mind because it w_
 highly unusual. The patient's distress, while real, proved to
 be short lived. There was a complete absence of any actual
 biological or mental damage to the patient. She was nots for
 examples hospitalized, but returned home as soon as she
 regained her mental balance° It is also difficult to know how
 much this woman's fear of further chemotherapy treatments
 played into what was clearly an intense anxiety attack.
 Finally, this woman's adverse reaction could have been
 prevented had she =eceived marijuana by prescription and been
 able to smoke the drug within a medically-supervised setting.
 Such a setting would have helped her deal with her fears.
 Denied such a settings she was on her owl_ ands rightfully,
 terrified about using an unregulated product in an unsupervised
 49. Marijuana is clearly not a suitable therapy for all
 cancer patients receiving chemotherapy t:eatmentso _owever_
 marijuana is a highly effectlve_ medically "safe _ drug which
 can be successfully used by many patients who need relief from
 the adverse effects caused by commonly prescribed
 chemotherapeutic drugs_

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