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 cigarettes have an important, clear advantage over synthetic THC capsules in
 _:" that the natural marijuana is inhaled and generally takes effect more quickly
 than the synthetic capsule which is ingested and _(st be processed through the
 digestive system before it takes effect°
 C.T_ 4. Attempting to orally administer the synthetic THC capsule to a
 vomiting patient presents obvious problems - it is vomited right back up before
 it can have any effect,
 :_; 6. Many physicians, some engaged in _d'ical practice and some teaching
 in medllcal schools, have accepted smoking marijuana as effective in controlling
 or reducing the severe nausea and vomiting (emesis) experienced by some cancer
 ;:,.,. patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer,
 6. Such physicians include board-raMified internists, oncologists
 and psychiatrists. (Oncology Is the treatment of cancer through the use of
 ':: highly toxic chemicals, or chemotherapy.)
 7, Doctors who have come to accept the usefulness of marijuana in
 controlling or reducing emesis resulting from chemotherapy have dome so as the
 result of reading reports of studies and anecdotal reports in their professional
 literature, and as the result of observing patlents and listening to reports
 dlrsctly from patlemts.
 : 8, Some cancer patlemts who have ackno_oedged to doctors that they
 smoke marlju_ for emesls control h_e. indicated in:.. tJ_e.$rd,l:s_s_ons t_t,. :..
 although they may have flr_t smoked marijuana recreatlonally, they accidentally
 found that doing so helped reduce the emests resultlng from their chemotherapy.
 They consistently indicated that they. felt better and got symptomatic relief
 from the intense nausea and vomiting caused by the chemotherapy. These patients

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