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 to that produced by standard anti=emetic drugs like Compazine
 or synthetic THC_
 36. Following the completion of my Georgetown Fellowship
 in 1977, i returned to private practices
 37. By this time, there was a growing professional and
 public recognition that marijuana had therapeutic value in
 reducing the adverse effects of some chemotherapy treatments.
 With this increasing public awareness came an increasing
 pressure from patients for information on marijuana and on its
 therapeutic uses.
 38. As a physicians this create4 many awkward situations
 for meo Patients would ask about marijuana_s use. ! would
 provide.them with some basic ihformation_. If the patient
 pursued the issue furthers I would acknowledge that a number of
 studies showed marijuana was effective in reducing nausea and
 vomiting. If the patient continued to ask questions, ! would
 provide more detailed information_
 39. However, because marijuana is classified as a
 Schedule I drugs X cannot legally prescribe this beneficial
 substance to my patlents_ Unable to meet these patients _
 legitimate medical need for help, I became acutely aware that
 many patients, once they knew some basic facts, were moving
 into forms of self-treatment. I knew of parents who asked
 their children to purchase marijuana for them. If the patient
 was a child, parents would seek out ways to obtain marijuana.
 40. While this form of self-treatment often proved very
 effective, it also has many associated hazards_ ranging from

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