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 terms of results_ Sometimes the drug would begin to work
 within an hour. On other occasions_ it took two to three hours
 before THC pills could produce the desired effect. On many
 occasions, patients would vomit the pill up and get no relief
 32. Finally, we noticed that the quality of relief gaine_
 with THC appeared to diminish with repeated use. Patients who
 ..... had great success with THC during their first chemotherapy
 treatment found the drug less effective during their second
 chemotherapy session. There appeared to be a rapidly-
 developing tolerance to THC_s therapeutic value.
 33. Seconds marijuana, because it is inhaled_ provides
 patients with extremely rapids predictable relief. While THC
 takes one to three hours to begin working, patients smoking
 marijuana get relief within ten to fifteen minutes. Obviously,
 inhalation also avoids the digestive systeme Patients can
 throw up their T_C pills before the drug begins to work. With
 inhalations this problem is avoided altogether_
 34. Finally, patients who smoke marijuana appear to ga_
 relief from nausea and vomiting over the duration of their
 therapy. Unlike synthetic THC_ marijuana's therapeutic action
 does not appear to be compromised with repeated use.
 35. While administering this Georgetown research progr_iL
 on THC_ ! became aware of patients who were routinely smoking
 marijuana to control their nausea and vomiting. These.patients
 often appeared to. gain a quality of relief which was superior

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