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 difficulties, including renal failure.
 Cisplatin adversely affects the body's immune
 systems suppressing the patient's ability to
 fight a host of common infections.
 Nitrogen Mustards a drug used in therapy for
 -_odgkins diseasee is nauseating and so toxic
 to the skin that direct contact may have very
 serious consequences. If dropped on the
 skin_ this chemical literally eats away the
 skin and other tissues with which it comes in
 contact_ If a patient's IV slips during
 treatment and Nitrogen Mustard gets on or
 under the skin the patient may suffer very
 serious injuries_ including temporary - and
 in extreme cases permanent - loss of the use
 of an affected arm.
 Procarbizine, also used in the_:apy for
 Hodgkins diseases is a monoamine oxidase
 ...... (MAO) inhibitor withknown psychogenic
 Cytoxin_ also known as Cyclophosphanide_
 suppresses a patient's immuno system response
 and results in serious bone mazrow deple-
 tion. Studies strongly indicate this drug
 may also cause other cancers_ including
 cancers of the bladder°
 Adriamycian has numerous adverse effects.
 This drug is difficult to employ in long term
 therapies because it destroys the heart
 13. While each of these agents has particular effects, as
 indicated aboves they also cause a number of similar_ and
 disturbing adverse effects. Most of these drugs cause hair
 loss. Studies increasingly indicate all of these drugs may
 cause other forms of cancers. Death due to renal, heart or
 respiratory failure is a very real possibility with all of
 these agents and the margin for error is minimal° Similarly,
 there is a danger of overdosing a patient weakened by his
 cancer. Put simply, there is very great risk associated with

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