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 3. _n 1973, ! returned to the Boston area where I
 entered into private practices
 4. In 1975, I returned to the Washington, D.C._
 area and established a private practice in Maryland, where i
 also worked in a prepaid health care program°
 5o I am licensed to practice medicine in the
 District of Columbia, and in the States of Maryland and
 Massachusetts. I am board_certified in the specialities of
 Oncology and Internal Medicine.
 6. In private practice ! treat cases of adult
 medical illness and provide primary care to patients. While I
 am board-certified in Oncology_ the bulk of my practice is now
 in InternalMedicine.
 7. Between 1975 and 1976, I also ran a George
 Washington University Medical School teaching program at Holy
 Cross Hospital_ My responsibilities included designing pro-
 grams for resident students. These prog3:ams included lectures,
 case discussions and other instructive devices intended to make
 physicians more knowledgable about their practice of medicine.
 8. In late 1976, I became a Fellow in Medical
 Ontology at the Georgetown University Hospital_ During this
 Fellowship in Medical Oncology_ I engaged in the practice of a
 medical sub-speciality which involves the coordination of
 medical responses to the demands of a patient's condition.
 Simply stated_ the process involves a total evaluation of the
 patient's medicalneeds and then matches those needs to
 appropriate medical specialities and proffer therapies.

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