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 use In treatment in the United States" for chemotherapy patients, the record
 _shows the followlng ?acts _o be uncontrovertedo
 FjD__JsLqs Of Fact )
 l _ One of the most serious problems experienced by cancer patients
 -. undergoing chemotherapy ?or th_Ir cancer i_ severe nausea and vomiting caused by
 their reaction to the toxic {poisonpu_) chemicals administered to them _ the
 course of this treat_ntŪ This nausea and vomiting at times becomes life
 threatening° The therapy Itself creates a tremendous strain on the body. Some
 patieht_ cannot tolerate the severe _a_ea and vo_')ting, and discontinue treats
 nle_t_ Beginning in the Ig70_s there wa_ considerable doctor_to_doctor co_n_
 cation _n the United States concerning pat'lents known by theft doctors to _e
 surreptitiously _sing marijuana with notable success to overco_ or )essex their
 nausea and vomiting.
 2_ Young pat_ent_ generally _ch!eve better control over na_se_ and
 vomiting ?ronl s_ok_ng _ar'ij_a_a than do older patients_-particularly _he_ the
 older patient has not been provided _ith detailed info_ation on how to smoke
 3_ Marijuana cigarettes in _any ca_e_ are superior to synthetic THC
 capsules in reducing che_otherapy_i_duced _ausea and vo_iti_go Harijuana

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