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 124. _f the _aw is to have any meaning then it must be
 responsive to changes In facts and au_ understanding o_ the
 facts_ Ma_lJuena_e current ˘laeslficatlon as a Schedule _ drug
 _h_:no factual support. _t Is a ˘_ass_flca_on the 8tares have
 leg_i_lat_vely _e_ected, Zt _S a classification so at odds wlth
 _ reality - with the real e_cpe_lencee or _sal people = _t casts
 doubt on the ˘red_billty o_._nstitut!ans and creates a cl_mate o_
 disrespect _or the authority of _he _wo
 125, _n _y _p_n_on marijuana _hould be reclassified t_
 Schedule _,
 Taf_ F
 Sub_˘rlbed and s_o_n _o befoze me
 /-Notary Pv_bZ i c
 • Ny °
 ˘o_ss_on e_pi=es:
 ................. !

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