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 they can purchase on the streets. Under these conditions the
 programs dislnteg_ate. _t becomes e_sler to send patients out
 • into the streets.
 117. Disgusted, I resigned from the Georgia Review
 Board_: Occasionally _ cow,act someone at the Soard to ask how
 things are going. But, after _wo and a half years of dealing
 with doctors, patlents, legislators and bureaucrats I couldn't
 take anymore.
 _18. My experience has taught me a lot. I now know
 private person, llke myself, can have a major influence on the
 course of-state legislation and policies. I know doctors, given
 an opportunity0 strongly support mari_uana_s medical availability
 ...... and effoz_s to ellm_na_e or reduce f_deral _,est_%Gt_ons which
 surround mari_uana_e medical uses, But I have also learned that_
 however noble or good the intent of a state law, federal agencies
 • .... can corrupt that law and make it nearly meaningless.
 I19. Based on my personal experlence_ the huge body of
 scientific and medical data, the resu!_s of Geo_gla's program an4
 the _eports of patients and physicians from throughout theUn_te_
 States mar_uana has a recognized, .accepted medical value _L
 treatment in _he United States. _oweve_, as long as feder_
 agencies cl_ng to the pretense mar£_aana is a Schedule I drug_
 effor_e by patients, physlc_ane and whole states to obta_
 mar£_uana for legitimate therapeutic and research applicatio_%_
 are doomed to failure.
 120. Nearly every aspect of my experience with
 doctors, patlents, remea_che_s_ newspaper and media people,

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