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 106. The meetings, which began quietly, was a real eye
 opener for me. Federal officials brought forward a number of
 _probleme" with the GeorgAe program, Most of these "problems"
 w_re manor poAnts which could be immedAately addressed. After
 listing quietly, members _f the Georgia Patlent Review Board
 began _kAng federal officlals pointed questions about when our
 program would begin to receAve the marijuana we had been
 promised. We wanted to know how long 4t would be before we could
 provlde Georgia cancer patients with licit access to marijuana.
 The agencies restated thel_ "new" position - Georgia would not
 receive any mar_uana, only synthetic THC pills,
 I07. After nearly an hou_ of back and forth conflict
 .... the meeting became very intense and emotional. Federal officia!s
 flatly told Representative Gingrlch ani_ members of the Georgia
 Patient Review Board that Georgia wou!_ have to conform to
 federal demands. They again stated the_ regardless of Georgia's
 FDA approved IND calling for marijuanas Georgia would not be
 gettAng marijuana, but would only _eceive synthetic THC0 THC is
 a drug which federal agencies were pz, omotlng as a "replacement"
 for marijuana, despite a ntunber of =tudles which showed oral THC
 wee medAcally %n_er_o_ to marijuana and more likely to cause
 adverse slde effects°
 108. Ae a private citizen ! was not prepared for the
 overreaching a_rogance of these federal off_cAals. Despite all
 thelr past promisee _hey were takAng a different position and
 Georgia cancer patients were being told to accept THC or nothln_.
 _t was the final straw. The _eetlng broke up wAth considerable

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