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 received notification that, in spits of our IND, which specified
 the use of marijuana cigarettes and THC_ Georgia would not re-
 calve any marijuana. NIDA, _DA and the National Cancer Institute
 (NCI) announced Georgia would only be ]provided with oral THC
 i02° It became clear to me _hat other states, with
 more poli_ica! influence, llke Califer_Aa and Michigan, were
 winning out in _his sudden _ace for the federal government's
 limited supplies of medicinal grade marijuana cigarettes.
 103o A8 part of our efforts to implement.the Georgia
 Mari_uana-as-MedAclne program, and in :response to NZDA's sudden
 decision to force Georgla to accept THC in place of marijuana,
 _he,Pa_ient Review Board traveled to'WaehAngtan in September,
 1980, to meet wlth varlous members of 'the Georgla Congressional
 _04. UoS. Rsprsssntatlve Newt Gingrich learned about
 the problems in _eo_ia and was persuaded by his friend, Stats
 Representative Virlyn Sm_h, to chair _ meeting between members
 of the Geo_gla Patent Review Beard and thome federal officials
 who controlled !_ci_ supplies o_ marijuana.
 105. This meeting, _hich _ook place in Representat_v_
 Gingrich'e offi˘e_ included members of the Seor_ia Patient Revie_
 Board and officials _rom various fede_yal agencies including FDA_
 NXDA, the National Cancer %nstltu_e (NC_) and the Department of
 Health and Human Services (HM$). Rspr._sentative _ingrich also
 asked Mr. _obert Randall_ a Washington, D.C. glaucoma patient
 familiar with mariJuana'$ medical use, to atZend the meeting.

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