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 less well advanced programs_ were waiting for FDA approval so
 they could initiate programs of patient care° Callfornia_s
 initial request for supplies exceeded the entire federal
 stockpile. The issue of supply suddenly began to seem very
 real2_Several states, including Seo_gla, began scrambling to ge_
 supplies of marijuana for their programs before the federal
 cupboard was bare°
 %7° After much add%tlonal works and more conflicts
 with FDA and NIDA_ the agency responsible for making supplies of
 marijuana available, the Georgia program recelved assurances its
 requests for marijuana would be hono_ed_ Unfortunately_ that was
 not the end of Georgia|s problems.
 98° Despite FDA approval NIDA continued to withhold
 eupplles of marijuana from the Georgia program while DEA
 conducted "security _ checks of those pharmacle_ in the state
 which would be handling marijuana, a Schedule I drug°
 SG. This DEA reinspec%ion of pharmacies appeared to be
 a delaying tactic. The regulations governlng pharmacy security
 are the same for Schedule I and Schedule _ drugs° Every
 pharmacy already had permlsslon to dispense Schedule I_ drugs and
 recertlflcatlon of these pharmacies was totally unnecessary.
 I00. Am pressure from the states increased federal
 pollcy became Increasingly erratlc and unpredictable. Despite
 continuing federal assurances legal supplies of marl_uana were
 adequate to meet national needs, federal policy underwent an
 abrupt_ drastic transformation.
 i01. Wlthout warning Georgia and other states suddenly
 ! •

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