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 92. Gsorgla=e request for I_D access to marijuana had
 been "pending" at FDA for several ,mo_hso Increasing frequent
 news etories In ma_o_ newspapers around the country suggested
 federal agencies were stalling on IND approval because th_
 age_cles did not have enough marlJuana %o supply all of the
 developing state programe_
 95. On several occasions I contacted NIDA and FDA bY
 phone to learn about the latest developments. Federal officials
 repeatedly assured me 1) _here was no shortage of medicinal
 quality marijuana, and 2) Georgia's order for marijuana
 clgarettes was being processed.
 94. However_ stories abGu_ limited federal supplies
 continued to appear° Some of the comments made by federal
 officials seekolng to dismiss the e_or_es only succeeded in ma_in_
 the supply problem appear that much more real.
 95. I_ was reasonable _o wonder how federal agencies
 intended to supply the numerous state requests _or marijuana. !_
 197S, there was not a single state program. By mid-1980, more
 than _wenty_fou_ states had enacted legislation calling for
 programs of patlent access to ma_iJuanao Clearly, there were not:
 enough federal supplies of marijuana _o meet all of these state
 needs_ and additional states were enacting legislation.
 96. Over the summer FDA _nally began approving sta%i_
 IND applications. By late Augusta 19SO, NiDA had received orders
 for marijuana from the states Georgia, Michlgan, New York_
 California and Illinois. In additions many ocher states, with

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