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 accept a much more limited program than that intended by.the
 state legislature. Compassion became secondary as federal
 Officials suggested numerous research approaches_ all of which
 severely restricted patlent/phys!cian access to the program.
 88+ _t did not take long for me to realize Georgia
 would not get marijuana for medicine uses _nless pressure could
 be brought agalnst the federal agenclem.
 89. Shortly after Joining the R_view Board I began
 contacting members of the Georgia Congx'esslonal delegation in
 Washlngton_ D.C. _ found many of Seor_lla_s Representatives and
 Senators had closely followed developments in Georgia and several
 expressed a willingness to assist Georgia in dealing with
 "increasingly striaent _ederal efforts _:o impose a limited, highly
 controlled research program on the stereo
 90. I began hearing _rom people in other states_ and
 Washington,. D.C. that there was a severe shortage of marijuana.
 This helped to explain why federal o_._.clals were so reluctant to
 approve several of the _ate programs, includlng Georgia. After
 at1, you cannot supply what you do not have,
 91, Mews stories from Callforn_a, Mew York and
 Michigan also mentioned the possibility of a mevere shortfall in
 federal supplies of l_c_t marlj_ana, Some states° like Oregon
 and Michigan, began actively Investlgatlng the possibility of
 avoiding federal regulations by growlng marijuana %ntras_ate.
 However, this proved to be impossible because mar_uana is
 controlled by an international treaty. The Treaty requires all
 legitimate production be under the di:_ect control of the federa2

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