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 76. Shortly after the b_!l was passed by both houses
 it was sent to the Governor for his signature° In an unusuai
 .... _ move:Governor George BusBy called a newm conference and invited
 Representative S_i_h, Senator Broun_ other state of_iclals and m_
 to the bill aiming ceremony° While he was signing the ball the,
 ,,_ Governor's o_flce re/eased a statement° In part the Governor
 "Although I have thus far signed thirty seven
 bills and three Resolutions into law, none has
 sparked the attention which has surrounded H.B.
 I077 since its inceptiCno A young widow named
 Mona Tarts whose husband died of cancers and
 Rep_esen_atlve V_rlyn Smith. who himself has
 fought cancer, have to_:ched the reservoir of
 compassion in all of us by bringing to our
 { attention a need which can be satisfied by H.Bo
 .... I077 by cancer patient:s who suffer from _he after
 effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments_
 and the suffering of glaucoma patlentSo
 _ want _o congratulate Mona Taft for her work in
 bringing this need, and the solution, to the
 attention of the General Assembly. She lined up
 endorsements from the _edlcal and law enforcement
 comm_inltles and even brought the Speaker and Lt.
 Governor together for a _oin_ press conference
 : s_pportlng _he bill." {[See Exhibit)
 77° Governor _usby signed 1:he Georgia "Marijuana as
 Medicine" b_!l into _aW on Februa1_y 2:_ 1980 = my husband's
 78o Af_e_ working for nearly a year, Georgia _olned
 other states in seeking _o make marijuana legally available to
 seriously Ill parlance. But this paper promise had to b_!
 translated into a _o_kable program. I knew this might b_
 difficult. _ had talked to patlents_ legislators a_d
 adm_nlstrators in other states. _hey all reported _hey _e_,_

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