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 Most patients become ve:_y Ill with nausea and
 repeated vomiting and grow increasingly weak and
 debilitated as the trea'_ment continues° However___
 marljuana_ed!,_ been found to provide
 relief from these slde effects. Sixteen states
 ..... haye _1_y ieglslatlvj_ly__p_gvi_ed for th_e
 _ _-_ l_mlted medlcal use of marijuana and twenty one
 states in additionto_9_qE.q!9_L are considering_/
 such legislatlo_%> ....__s_s addedh_(See
 Zxh!bi tl
 .... 69. On December 23_ 1979_ the New York Times ran a
 front page story on the e_for_s of physicians, patients and their
 families to make marijuana available by prescrlp%lon. _n
 addition to Georgia _he article mentloned people working
 throughout the nation _o allow for seriously ill patients to
 obtain marijuana _rom _helr doctors for their medical use. (See
 ?0. In January, 1980, Representatlve Smith and
 Senator Broun introduced the Georgia 'q_ari_uana-as-Medicine"
 YI. Following Introduction of these bills hearings
 were scheduled before appropriate committees in both chambers.
 was one of the _ndlv_duals who fast,fled before these committees°
 _2. X_ addition to my testimony, the legislators heard
 from a number of groups who supported °_he legislation. These
 _roups _noludad the Georgia Medical As_oclation and the Georgia
 Bureau of _nvemtlgatlon, research oncoi_o_Ists from Emory, Grady
 and other medical _nstlt_t_ons, practicln_ physicians and
 patients. Dr. Dan N_xon, of Emory, app_ared before the committees
 and strongly supported legislative efforts to force the federal
 government to meet the medical needs of cancer and glaucoma
 patients in Georgia.

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